Front Street unveiling

Like ants at a picnic, local media were all over today’s “unveiling” of the Front Street hole-in-the-mall.  Whether you’re old enough to remember a time when there was no Galleria mall, or so young that you never remember a time when that mall wasn’t there, the CitySquare project offers some hope . . . if not a return to the bustle of the ’50s & ’60s, at least a return to sane traffic flow.

The speeches & glad-handing of today’s event will be covered extensively elsewhere, so I’ll just give you a glimpse of some of the characters in attendance; see how many you can spot:

Not shown: Konnie Lukes sneaking under the yellow tape about a half hour into the speeches.

Notably absent: Judith Light

Strange presence: unconfirmed sighting of the ghost of Frannie McGrath on the open second story of the mall to the left, slurping an Orange Julius, rattling chains and moaning “Brutalist, Brutalist!“.

Premature presence: Front Street signs (with hearts & serifs) at Washington Sq. and Foster St.:

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