Tittle-Tattle . . . or Spot the Overdot

An observant person might notice that this street name sign lacks a tittle:

(a tittle is the dot we usually see on lowercase “i” and “j”)

A thorough person might walk around to the other side of the sign & notice something else amiss:

There are three possibilities for what happened here:

1.  The same person(s) who continue to steal this street sign decided to be playful with the dots.

2.  The cunning linguists of the DPW sign shop are experimenting with the diacritic known as the overdot — maybe they know something about the pronunciation of Richardson that the rest of us don’t.  But it’s a bit off-centered over the “o”, so maybe it’s one-half of a diaeresis.

3.  The missing tittle from the other side was probably left behind on the release paper [used with vinyl adhesive plotter-cut lettering] & transferred erroneously when the second side was affixed.

But I welcome other suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Tittle-Tattle . . . or Spot the Overdot

  1. Mike says:

    and is that an extra “r” in Terr?

  2. Paul Kersey says:

    The DPW did not make that or install that. That was made by contractors. You can tell by the heart and that is has no white border on the top and bottom of it.

    • Nicole says:

      Why would an outside contractor be replacing a sign in the city when we have a sign shop?

      Why is there no template given to outside contractors or quality assurance with them?

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