Library: Export Your Reading List BEFORE May 25

Member libraries of CW/MARS (including the Worcester Public Library) are migrating to a new catalog software (Evergreen) on Memorial Day weekend.  This will impact library patrons in quite a few ways.

With the migration to Evergreen, your existing library history will no longer be accessible.  If you want to keep a record of what you’ve checked out, you’ll need to export your library history before May 25.

Here’s how:

When you’ve logged into your library account, select the My Reading History button on the right side of the page:

You’ll be brought to your reading history.  Click on the Export List option (third from the left):

When you are brought to the Export List page, click on theSelect Alllink before the list of items:

Then enter your email address and press the Submit button:

This process could take a while — be patient!

(I estimate it took 3 minutes to export my rather large list and receive the email.)

Please share these instructions with anyone you know who uses the library!

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