MBCR Meet the Management

A reader forwarded me an email from MBCR (the MBTA commuter rail operator) regarding Spring “Meet the Management Team” Sessions.  You can find details on their website:

Many of you have told us that our customary boston based Meet the Managers sessions are difficult for you to attend; therefore MBCR’s management team has decided to try a different format and venue.

We will be sending a team of managers from various departments out to several of our outlying stations. …

MBCR management will take these opportunities to respond to questions and concerns, receive your suggestions and comments or simply be there to listen while you share your personal experiences riding the commuter rail.

Worcester will have a Meet the Management session on June 19 from 6:30am-8:30am.

Unfortunately, by the time the management will be there, three trains will have already departed Worcester for Boston, and a fourth will leave at 6:30am.  Most commuters who need to be at the office by 8:30am will have already left by the time the Meet the Management session is scheduled.  So we’re left with sessions that are still rather difficult for most commuters to attend.

I’ve made a recommendation to MBCR, and I hope they take it seriously.

Why not have sessions on the train?

MBCR could announce that the management would be on the last car (the handicapped-accessible one) of a certain train and be available for comment.  That way, commuters don’t have to spend any extra time at a meeting (they’d just be using their commute time) and commuters from other stations (Grafton, Westboro, Southboro, etc.) would have access to make comments.


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