Price Chopper Fuel AdvantEdge Program

Via the Berkshire Eagle:

Price Chopper is changing its popular Fuel AdvantEdge program by doubling the amount that shoppers will need to spend in order to receive a discount on gasoline at Sunoco stations.

Price Chopper customers with AdvantEdge cards have been receiving 10 cents off per gallon for every $50 they spend at the grocery store. Starting May 13, the 10-cent discount will come with every $100.

Refreshed thumpery

Hot on the heels of an Upland Street hydrant replacement in February came a pavement repair using, presumably, cold patch.  Not enough was used, so it left a deep enough depression to shake loose your hearing aids if you drove over it.

A couple of weeks ago I was encouraged to see there’d been more work — the cold patch was removed.  This past weekend I noticed that pavement had been reapplied . . . but once again it has been filled lower than the level of the street, so we’re no better off.

Here’s hoping the DPW’s not quite done here yet.