Best of Worcester – Thank You!

I usually check on the WoMag Best of Worcester list to ensure that my cousins’ business wins the Best Grinders category, and that various friends win in the categories they should.

So I am, of course, really touched that readers thought well enough of this blog to vote it as the best local blog in 2012.

I started writing this blog because I liked what I saw going on in the Worcester blogosphere and wanted to add my voice to that mix.

I’d like to thank those of you who’ve read and commented here, and everyone who blogs, tweets, or tumblrs about our city.

Here’s to another year of street signage bloopers, library news, and an inappropriate obsession with Mike Germain.

7 thoughts on “Best of Worcester – Thank You!

  1. elmparkblogger says:

    i especially love that Worc’s best blogger lives in Wildwood Ave area and puts a special focus there at times..congrats

  2. Sprout says:

    Congrats!!!! Woo hoo! Will I see you at the party??!

  3. Congratulations, Nicole : )
    Though I can’t be there, I’ll be thinking of you!
    — Kathy Barnard

  4. Eric K. says:

    Congrats Nicole!

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