Earth Day 2012

Thanks so much to the folks who came out on Friday and Saturday for the Earth Day cleanup at God’s Acre/Swan Avenue/Logan Field.

If you remember pictures from previous years (2010, 2011), this year was much less involved:

Volunteers cleaning Swan Avenue/God's Acre

Although this roll-off doesn’t look full now, by the end of the day it was:

50 cubic yard roll-off supplied by Superior Waste

One of the more interesting aspects of Saturday morning was taking down someone’s former residence/camp in the hills above Logan Field.  It was a beautiful view, but a real pain in the rear to remove:

Squatter site on Tetasset Trail near Logan Field

Most years, we are out until 3 or 4 pm; this year, we’d finished up by 12:30!

Special thanks to:

  • Dennis O’Connor of Superior Waste and Recycling, who always provides us with staff and equipment to make our work much easier
  • the REC for making it possible for us to do this cleanup for the fifth year in a row
  • Jim Kempton of DPW&P for picking up some extra bags left over from the weekend
  • Bob Q and Paul D for working so hard

We are finally at the point of complete maintenance for Swan Avenue and God’s Acre.  There’s not a lot of old dumping left, and we can likely maintain this site with the help of a few volunteers a few times a year.

So many people have helped us for the past five years, and they’ve accomplished far more than I ever thought we would.

I’m really excited that we’ve reached this stage, and I’m looking forward to helping improve some other dumped-upon sites in the years to come.

One thought on “Earth Day 2012

  1. Joe says:

    Congratulations on talking the initiative and organizing the cleanups.

    The city would be a better place if more people would step up and take charge instead of sitting behind their keyboards and complaining!

    Gotd’s Acre is a beautiful spot- made more so by your efforts.

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