Crosswalks under repair

A couple of weeks ago, I’d requested that folks identify crosswalks that needed a new repaint.

The response was overwhelming, and I got the initial list of 90+ crosswalks to DPW last weekend.

I got a response back early on Monday morning that DPW is in the process of repainting the crosswalks at all of the city schools and parks.  Our requests would be taken into account as they planned painting for the summer, as the budget for repainting crosswalks is limited.

So, imagine my surprise when Cathy sent me an email yesterday morning with this picture:

During my daily commute through Cambridge and Canterbury Streets this morning, I noticed quite a few crosswalks that had received a repaint or touch-up.

To DPW — I am extremely appreciative that these crosswalks are being repainted at an even quicker pace than I anticipated.

To the readers — keep the comments about faded crosswalks coming!  I cannot guarantee when any of them will be repainted, but I will send another update to DPW in about a month.  (I’ll also try to update the list of crosswalks that need repainting with the date they’ve been repainted as I see them!)

CWW: Free Chamber Concert this Sunday

The BSO will present a community chamber concert this Sunday, April 15, from 3:00-4:30pm at Tuckerman Hall.  Admission is free but reservations are required.

Performers will be Thomas Siders, trumpet; Michael Martin, trumpet; Jason Snider, horn; Stephen Lange, trombone; and Michael Roylance, tuba.

The program will be as follows:
Shostakovich: Quartet # 12 in D flat, op. 133
Ewald: Brass quintet # 1 in B flat, op. 5
Berezowsky: Brass quintet
Lutoslawski: Mini-overture for brass quintet

Complimentary coffee and dessert will follow.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Info for reservations —
Phone: 888-266-1200