Surveys, bookmobiles and closing songs

The Worcester Public Library is holding its annual survey this week.  Please take a few minutes and fill it out.  If you are not a resident of Worcester but use the WPL, you should fill it out too!

(Remember, “Nicole’s blog” is an acceptable answer for the question about where you find out about library events.)

Today is Frances Perkins’ birthday.

NPR recently had a story on a Vermont town whose bookmobile has broken down.  Like Massachusetts, Vermont’s bookmobile population is in the single digits.

Stories like that (and posts like this) make me happy that Worcester’s getting bookmobile service back.

(Above picture from the Crossett Library at Bennington College’s photostream, which a booklover could easily get lost in!  More old bookmobile porn here, here and here.)

Finally, we came across this video of a librarian at Brattleboro’s Brooks Memorial Library singing a closing song.

We have it on good authority that the Worcester Public Library’s been doing this for quite a few months, but we need video evidence…because some of us are never at the library to the bitter end and have never witnessed this firsthand!


Lemming newscasts

Many thanks to all of the Boston TV stations for sending talking heads & satellite vans to White City Plaza in Shrewsbury for “on the scene” reports about a local tragedy a few days ago. It added so much more to the coverage, knowing the reporters were uttering their canned lines in Shrewsbury instead of Boston.