Pipe-Bumper Guy

I suppose it was inevitable that all the trades would want to get in on the D.I.Y. bumper craze that’s sweeping greater Worcester.  Today’s featured handyman seems to be a plumber:

Here we seem to have two slightly different lengths of painted cast iron pipe, probably an inch and a half in diameter.  They seem to have been welded to two plates which are bolted to the arms which used to hold the original bumper.

This bumper’s not nearly as good as last week’s deck bumper.  Both rear quarters of the van are entirely unprotected — the pipes should have been much longer.  In addition, if Pipe Bumper Guy wanted to impress us with his plumbing skills, the ends of the pipe should have been threaded, and four 90-degree elbows could have been used to connect the longer pieces — protecting the ends and giving us a finished look.  Throw in a union joint somewhere for aesthetic appeal and you could have had a masterpiece.  Instead we have an inefficient bumper replacement that offers even less area to stand on when accessing the back of the van than the original bumper had, and no evidence of mad skills.  Sorry, Pipe Bumper Guy, but you’ll need to try harder.

Oh, and the brake light on the right rear of your van is out.



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