April Fool

I was waiting for this morning to see if there was going to be a disclaimer printed after Nick K’s Sunday column proclaiming his to be the best April Fool’s joke after Victor Infante’s.

Sadly, that was not the case.

So, when Nick K. says that asking his colleagues to zip their lips “is very out of character for Mr. Petty, who during his City Council career has never shown a penchant for seeking confrontations. In fact, he’s tended to avoid them like the plague.”

For those of us who have actually followed Worcester politics for more than a couple of weeks, we know that, in fact, Mr. Petty’s entire MO has been to zip his lip.

In fact, I suspect there was little to no confrontation in telling the City Council to be quiet.  This is a body that thrives on not tackling any real issues.

This whole endeavor in shutting up (except to Jordan Levy, of course) was toavoid confrontation.

Right now, we’ve got a mayor who says “what has transpired over the past week has created a distraction but we can’t let these issues get in the way of our ability to lead, govern and most importantly, serve the citizens of Worcester.”

The conventional wisdom is now that we should never let real issues and real concerns get in the way of the business of the City Council.

And we’ve got a columnist applauding them for doing that.

If you’re interested, there will be a rally tomorrow (Tuesday, April 3) at 6:30pm in front of City Hall regarding profiling.

(I have no opinion on this, but I would like to point out that there were 6 WPD cars in front of City Hall when I went to last week’s City Council meeting.  They were ostensibly there because they anticipated a rally on this theme.  So if you attend tomorrow’s rally, you’ll probably be very safe.)

Details on the rally:

A City Council Pre Rally to Demand Accountability from the City Administration and Worcester Police Department when issues are brought up by the Worcester Community and residents.

1. We demand a response from the Administration and the police department as to why there …was not any follow up on multiple meeting requests of concerned residents and the former Mayor, who were worried about racial profiling in the Hammond Heights Community.

2. An explanation as to why a 14 year old boy was arrested outside of his home because a neighbor accused him of looking suspicious.

3. Demand a Response to an item Council Joe O’Brien filed in August 2011, when he was Mayor, requesting the City Manager provide information on the legality of Colleges and Universities patrolling residential communities in the city and the questioning of non-students on residential streets.

Mayor Petty has agreed to take up Councilor Joe O’Brien’s tabled item from last August at this City Council Meeting. We need to be there to show that we demand a response!

One thought on “April Fool

  1. Kevin Ksen says:

    In response to several Facebook inquiries, Mike Lanava in the Mayor’s Office told me this evening that the Mayor intends to “recuse” himself from the entire conversation tomorrow re: David Russo’s arrest, CM/WPD accountability and racial profiling in Worcester “for family reasons”.

    I checked the City Council’s Rules about withdrawal from voting and here’s what they say,

    Rule 19. Every member present when a question is put shall vote unless the City Council for special reasons excuses him or her. Application to be so excused on any question must be made before the City Council has decided or before the calling of the yeas and nays; and such application shall be accompanied by a brief statement of the reasons and shall be decided without debate.

    So the Mayor will need to make a public application to the City Council to excuse himself from the Council discussion. Personally, that feels really icky to me.

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