Take a jackhammer to your insecurities

The folks at Building 19 don’t seem to like anything that reminds people that the former Spag’s building they’re in was once Spag’s.

Coloring in the recessed letters in this wall just smacks of insecurity (as did painting over the black shingles on the east slope of the Spag’s building roof that once used to spell “Spag’s” for passing aircraft).

4 thoughts on “Take a jackhammer to your insecurities

  1. BowenHardcase says:

    I don’t know… didn’t they try the whole “Spag’s 19” thing for a while? I don’t think I would call stuff like this “insecure.” The only odd thing is that it took so long for them to do some of this stuff…

    I mean, since when are companies expected to keep reminders of every business that previously operated in their location less be judged insecure?

    Did you honor the previous owners of your house by keeping their decorations up or leaving their name on your mailbox?

    Seems silly to me…

  2. BowenHardcase says:


    • Nicole says:

      I also think that both the Eddy’s Plaza (near Webster Square) and the Fair Plaza both keep the names of businesses that no one under the age of 35 would remember. 🙂

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