Let there be paint

Whoever’s in charge of hydrants in Worcester must be a frequent reader.  The hydrant featured on this blog yesterday has already had a makeover:

A bit of excavating, a bit of brush removal, and a liberal coat of paint, all in the space of a day.  Thanks!

Any chance I could bribe you to paint some crosswalks if I buy you a cup of coffee or a can of Tab?  That shade of yellow would look nice at some dangerous intersections.

2 thoughts on “Let there be paint

  1. Tracy Novick says:

    See the work order, BE the work order!
    Nicely done, DPW!

  2. elmparkblogger says:

    N, why do you underestimate the worth of your blog to the City of Worcester? It is informative and fun. And people “who make big decisions” follow you regularly.

    If only they could do something about paving Wildwood Avenue….

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