Deck-Bumper Guy

Roaming the wilds of the western suburbs is Deck-Bumper Guy:

He is what Worcester’s own Log-Bumper Guy wants to be when he grows up & gets some mad skills.  This D.I.Y. bumper features a pressure-treated 4×4 post mounted to the truck with galvanized lag bolts.  Many local cheapskate handymen would have stopped there.  Deck-bumper guy has capped the ends of the 4×4, which protects the end-grain and gives things a “finished” look.  He then installed a pressure-treated 2×6 atop the 4×4, thereby creating a larger deck on which to stand as he accesses his tools & such in the bed . . . but it also creates a protective overhang for his snazzy Patriots license plate.  To complete the look and keep things legal, he has installed lights on either side of the plate, which is something that he’ll need when it’s time for an inspection sticker.  (This slick guy is also rocking the byways with some bright yellow Monroe shocks and a kickin’ trailer hitch.)

Is a wooden bumper a good thing?  Well, assuming this one replaces a metal bumper, the wooden one is a bit of a step down in quality of collision protection.  Better than a rusty metal bumper, I guess.  It’s nevertheless light years better than the plastic & styrofoam that pass for bumpers on 90% of the passenger cars on the road today.  And if this guy does decks for a living — a distinct possibility, given all the tools in the truck bed — then this little beauty is simply good advertising for the quality of his work.

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