When every minute counts

If you live near a hard-to-find hydrant, you might want to clear away the nearby brush (if it’s your property), or perhaps request something more noticeable than a red stick (paint job? signage?).  The extra few minutes it takes the WFD to find your hydrant are minutes longer your house will burn or minutes longer your loved ones may be trapped inside.

This faded/peeling yellow hydrant blends in quite nicely with dead oak leaves & nearby soil.

First Street

2 thoughts on “When every minute counts

  1. Holden has color-coded most of its hydrants according to the NFPA 291 guidelines. (You have to pay $30 to get a copy of the standard, but the information is in articles such as this.) The color coding lets fire fighters know the capacity of each hydrant.
    On the Firehouse forums, Not all fire-fighters want to remember the colors, but there you have it. Some say that hydrants are a luxury only available in the rich folks’ towns.

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you for drawing attention to this problem!

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