Sunshine Week: Petitions to the City Council

March 11-17 is Sunshine Week, “a national initiative to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information.”

Mike’s been covering this on wrcstr, and (in case you missed it) I wanted to direct you to Sunday’s T&G article about police logs and yesterday’s panel discussion on Sunshine Week.

You can read a transcript of yesterday’s chat with Leah Lamson (and others from the T&G) regarding Sunshine Week.

Tonight we’ll be bringing forward four petitions to help increase transparency in local government:

9t.     Michael Benedetti request the archived city meeting videos be made available in a more easily accessible format that is shareable, downloadable and embeddable to support increased transparency and openness in government.

9u.     Joe Scully request the creation of a public records and data retention policy regarding the use of social media technology to support increased transparency and openness in government.

9v.     Christopher Robarge of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts request City Council support the passage of state legislation to promote freedom of information, open government, and accessible public records, including measures to minimize the costs of accessing public records and improve the use of information technology to make government information publicly accessible.

9w.     Jeremy Shulkin request the establishment of an ombudsman or point person to handle all requests by individuals or media outlets requesting information on any city department and that this employee’s contact information be easily accessible on the city’s website to support increased transparency and openness in government.

You can read more about our efforts in yesterday’s T&G.

If you support any or all of these requests, please call or email the City Council to let them know.

One thought on “Sunshine Week: Petitions to the City Council

  1. […] residents submitted 4 transparency-related petitions to the City Council this Tuesday as part of Sunshine […]

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