Your Bookmobile Questions Answered

Will it be wheelchair accessible?


How many stops will there be a day?

It could be up to five, but this will be something that they’ll figure out and adjust as necessary.

Will there be WiFi?


There was also a question about IT training; it seems most of the support from staff on the bookmobile would be to assist with library functions.  Does anyone have specific desires they’d like to see in what’s offered at the bookmobile?

As I mentioned in a comment, I’ve heard that Holy Cross’s plans for student participation are not finalized, so I’ll hold on pursuing answers to those questions.

I will also try to get more information out about which schools might be served by the bookmobile.  There had been a program to make sure all third graders get a public library card; we want to see how this program could be integrated with bookmobile services.  More to come on all of that.

Feel free to send along more questions or ask for clarification.


2 thoughts on “Your Bookmobile Questions Answered

  1. elmparkblogger says:

    Great answers..I was thinking about how retirees and other folks might want to volunteer on this.

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