All Your Questions Will Not Be Answered

We got a clarification last night from the Worcester Police on why the UCR definition of rape is wack (among other reasons, it excluded men and those who were drugged) and an explanation for why the report was incomplete:

The initial reporting of forcible rape to the FBI was delayed because of a backlog of cases. The Worcester Police Department had a large number of cases last year that required a supervisory review before submitting the data to the FBI. The department needed to insure, through thorough evaluations that these cases fit the UCR definition of forcible rape. Therefore, there was a slight delay in the initial submission of statistical data to the FBI and the data was incomplete at the time required for UCR publication.

The forcible rape statistics recently released to the public for the calendar year 2011 are accurate and complete. Furthermore, the Worcester Police investigative report conforms to FBI classifications of forcible rape as defined in the UCR.

The WPD says there were 41 forcible rapes in 2011.  Depending on your source, there were either 19 forcible rapes in 2010 (from the Telegram) or 51 forcible rapes in 2010 (from MA UCR).

So, either we’re up 100% or down 20%.

The last time we had a press release about a rape was in November 2010.  In the meantime, we’ve had a press release about a car accident in which no one went to the hospital and screeds against judges and various members of the media.  And more than 40 rapes without a word on the WPD website.

Perception vs. reality, people.

The Chief will be on WCRN’s The RAVE – The Rosen and Vecchio Experience (which one hopes will be temporarily renamed The GRAVE – The Gemme, Rosen, and Vecchio Experience) at 4:00PM this Saturday.

Feel free to call (508-438-0965) and ask him about his relationship with the media, why he asks for a new class of recruits while refusing to hold various police officers accountable for their actions, and predictive policing.