Speaking of cognitive dissonance

Richard Davey, head of MassDOT, as quoted in the Worcester Business Journal:

What we’ve proposed for the Worcester line, and all lines, are elimination of weekend service and elimination of service after 10 p.m. Juxtapose that with the commitment that we have to add more service to the Worcester line as a result of the CSX deal. We will still honor that commitment to add trains this fall, probably late fall.

(I read this and thought the part of the quote that was missing was “…but those trains won’t go anywhere.”)

Speaking as a former commuter to Boston, the trains (I think) they’re proposing to add (because there aren’t a lot of details) would be extensions of the local trains to and from Framingham.  I don’t see them adding any express trains — and those of us who remember a time when there were no station stops between Framingham and Worcester know that “express” is a relative term!

One and a half hours to and from Boston in the middle of the day is not an ideal situation.  And while it is better than nothing, it doesn’t help those who have reason to travel to Boston on a weekend.  Including those who have to work.


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