The next time a moratorium is called for, can it please be for the phrase “perception vs. reality”?!/911Chief/status/169774407223492608

It’s not that Worcester’s not safe.

But going around reminding everyone about that after a few high-profile violent incidents doesn’t reassure people.

How about this for reality: We have no domestic violence unit and the FBI said our rape statistics were underreported.  But we always find time for the all-important prostitution stings!

How about this for reality: When was the last time you ever heard the Chief answer callers’ questions on a radio show?

How about this for reality: While the Chief mentions a (public) summit between the police and the media on Cape Cod, the WPD has been trying to negotiate with media — behind the scenes — to ensure that they are always portrayed in perfect light.  (One can only wonder how that is an improvement on the previous silent treatment the media outlets previously enjoyed.)

And if any of us have the perception that the Chief is more interested in creating more and more personal vendettas, well, we only have to look at the reality of his Twitter feed.

(I am going to try to write a more positive post very soon about ways the WPD could improve their online public relations, beyond learning what an ellipsis is.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!)

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