I think we all know who isn’t Gary Gemme’s valentine

One hundred forty characters are obviously not enough for the Chief, because I have no idea what he’s trying to say about Fresolo:


(screenprint via kwout)

Suffice it to say he’s not a fan!

(This is part of a continuing effort to blame the community for not showing up at neighborhood meetings.  There is no excuse for why each and every crimewatch meeting is not announced on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.  And there is no excuse for the lack of acknowledgment — this interview being one example — of the reasons people might be afraid to submit tips on crimes.)

On a more serious note, I caught the City Manager on Jim Polito today, and he said, “The Chief’s defined the fact that many times we see these violent crimes, it’s typically those that live the life of crime where that violence is taking place in between.”

I’ve heard this now a couple of times, from both the City Manager and the Chief — that the people who are dying in gun violence in Worcester are violent criminals who live (and later die) by the sword.

While that can be superficially comforting if someone is not in the habit of getting into gun fights, I think certain statements come dangerously close to the “they deserved it” line.

Belinda Torres was not a gang member — she was killed by her ex-boyfriend.

A man was shot on Chandler Street in the middle of the afternoon last Wednesday.  This is a time when many people — innocent bystanders — could have been walking by.

Depending on the time of day and the location, there is a chance that someone could be on the receiving end of a stray bullet.  While I remain convinced that Worcester is a very safe city, the continued assertions that the bad guys are the only ones who get shot are inaccurate and inappropriate.

One thought on “I think we all know who isn’t Gary Gemme’s valentine

  1. Joe says:

    Is that the first tweet with no ellipses?

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