Bring It

Following up on yesterday’s post, the Worcester Police have a new announcement:

The Worcester Police Department is pleased to announce the launch of its new official Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Nixle notification service.

The department will use Facebook to post the latest news, updates, alerts, advisors and crime prevention methods. Residents are encouraged to “like” the page to receive newsfeeds from the department and stay current on important information. Through the department’s facebook page, a weekly bulletin will be posted which will highlight the news of the week. The goal is to reach a large number of people in an efficient way.

The Worcester Police Department YouTube Channel will feature video productions on department programs and initiatives, events, and behind the scenes glimpses into the department. Subscribers will be able to view a combination of interviews and video footage along with informative stories.

I’m not even going to criticize the lack of links (either on the press release or on the city website).

I’ve found links for the Worcester PD on Twitter and NixleIf someone has a link to the new-and-improved Facebook page, or the YouTube Channel, please send it along.

Tracy directed me to their official Facebook page, which then helped me find their official Youtube site.

2 thoughts on “Bring It

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks — from there I was able to find their Youtube page:

    (I’ll update the post accordingly!)

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