Give the man a prize

The new director at the Worcester Art Museum, Matthias Waschek, recently spoke with the Worcester Business Journal, and immediately made himself an urban planning hero:

I think that in that new chapter, we should align ourselves with the strategic plan of the city of Worcester. We should have an impact on the urban fabric, thinking about our immediate environment as well.

How can you do that?

Well, I’ll give you one example. This is a dream rather than reality. When you think about our parking lot, for instance, parking lots are urban nightmares. Our parking lot is a nightmare as much as any parking lot is. But we have art. So could we not combine a sculpture park with a parking lot so people, when they come onto the parking lot, understand that they’re in an arts space? Something like that.

This is on the heels of a few pieces that are well worth reading if you’re interested in urban parking: The case for the $6 parking meter (recently published in the Boston Globe Ideas section), and Between the lines (which Tracy directed me to, under the more accurate “Parking makes people crazy” headline).

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