Wayfinding West Hartford

I was in West Hartford a few weeks ago, and came across what could be the winner of a Worst Street Signage of All Time award.

This is how the signage looks when you’re parked right next to it:

While that doesn’t look too bad, it took me an extra five minutes to get to my destination because I couldn’t read the names on any of the streets, even though I was driving quite slowly (20-25 mph). They are the perfect storm of dark letters on a light background, too-small font, and letters too close to one another.

You can see them in action if you scroll down the neighborhood association’s photo gallery to pictures of the signs being installed.

Tip: if you can barely read the name of a street in a picture taken 15 feet away from a sign, the sign is worse than the worst Worcester street sign ever.  I can only imagine what they look like in the middle of a snowy winter.

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