Enjoy some R&R while you can

If you’re a plumbing DIYer in central Massachusetts, you’re undoubtedly familiar with this animated neon sign:

The blue light tubes simulate dripping water.  Very cool.

As of last month, R&R Plumbing on Chandler Street has new owners, who are also changing the name of this Worcester institution.  That lovely sign’s days may be numbered.  The new owners have already changed the sign on the building:

On a recent visit there seemed to be fewer staff members around.  The inventory looked pretty much the same, but one employee noted that they’ll be phasing out American Standard fixtures and carrying Kohler instead.  The former offers a larger range of commercial fixtures with a small selection for residential use.  Kohler reverses that & has more of the residential stuff.  Supposedly the plumbers who frequent R&R/Peabody do a lot more residential work than commercial, so the new owners are hoping that the change wil be good for business.

6 thoughts on “Enjoy some R&R while you can

  1. Sprout says:

    How do we make sure this sign doesn’t go the way of the plumbing museum?

  2. M. Cobretti says:

    I regret not pursuing the “Cheapo Depot” sign after they closed.

  3. Sprout says:

    The sign is gone…

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