Earth Day Cleanups 2012

The Regional Environmental Council will once again be coordinating Earth Day Cleanups.

Here are the details for this year, from the REC website:

Plans for the 23rd Annual REC Earth Day Cleanups on Saturday April 21st are already underway.  We are very excited to be reconnecting with the many dedicated volunteers who have made the REC Earth Day Cleanups possible for the last 22nd years, and to welcome new volunteers who  decide to give their time and energy for the first time.  Last year, REC was able to count 36 tons of trash removed from 65 cleanups across the City because 65 volunteers took the initiative to coordinate the effort at each location.  This year we look forward to continuing our effort at the 65 sites, and adding a few that are new in 2012.

If you are interested in continuing your involvement as a site coordinator, or becoming one for the first time in 2012, please fill out:  Site Coordinator App 2012

As longtime readers know, this will be my fifth (!) year coordinating the God’s Acre/Swan Avenue site for Earth Day cleanups.  The past four cleanups have helped remove over 30 tons of garbage along Swan Avenue and in God’s Acre (and the surrounding area).

We are now at the maintenance stage for this site, so this year we will be picking up trash that may have been dumped along Swan Avenue since last October.

We’re only anticipating that the work will take 2-3 hours this year because the God’s Acre trail is mostly clear of trash.  (You can see the kind of work we did at last year’s Earth Day Cleanup here — I expect this year will be similar in volume and content.)

What’s been done since last year’s Earth Day Cleanup

If you’ve been to God’s Acre in the past, you may remember that there were three cars that had been dumped off a hill.

Due to the hard work of Greater Worcester Land Trust volunteers (and others), those cars have been removed.  The GWLT has also been hard at work blazing trails to both Logan Field and Goddard Memorial Drive.

Those of you who came to National Trails Day at God’s Acre last June may remember that the part of the trail closer to Logan Field also had some dumping, mostly of the metal and glass variety.  We have removed most of that (and will remove the rest in the spring).

Consider Becoming a Site Coordinator

While I’m always looking for volunteers who are willing to help with our cleanups, I’d also like to encourage folks to consider becoming a site coordinator.  Take a look at the location map from last year; if there’s a location you feel needs cleaning up and you don’t see it listed, there’s a good chance that we need you to take that on this year.

Two years ago, I wrote a short guide to beginning cleanups in your neighborhood, and I’ve listed some additional tips here and here.  If this sounds like something you’d like to do, call or email the REC.  If you have questions about how the process works, comment on this post or send me an email.

As always, I appreciate the work of the REC, the city, and others in organizing these cleanups, and the enormous effort volunteers put into cleaning up the site and blazing trails.

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