The Once and Future Mayor

A reader notes that if you search for “Joe Petty” on Google:

…you are directed to Joe O’Brien’s Council website (which is conveniently URL’ed “Petty”).

Just in case you wondered whether we were just swapping one Joe for another.

But he’s on Twitter!!/MayorPetty/status/154718391654035456

Now, that wasn’t a bad start, but not as informative as letting people know the meeting was going to happen before it started, especially since it wasn’t on the city calendar.!/MayorJoeOBrien/status/154634882159616000

 (Tip to politicians everywhere: Tweetfeed from Facebook!)

 But what about our favorite non-Mayor?!/BIZARROLUKES/status/153253265683910656!/BIZARROLUKES/status/153500615169949696

(screenprints via kwout)


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