She’s hired

The Worcester PD has hired Channel 3’s Katie Daly as its new media specialist.

I will pay her good money (or, really, a case of Tab) if she figures out something better to put at the end of press releases than “There will be no new additional information released at this time.”!/BIZARROLUKES/status/154746754473000960

Luckily, we have a press release — today! — that could really use the attention of a media specialist:

Worcester, MA (January 4, 2012) –The Worcester Police report that there have been 6 pedestrian fatalities over the past year, an increase from only 1 in 2010; however, there were 325 pedestrian accidents reported in 2011, a significant decline compared to 384 in 2010.

As a result of the increase in pedestrian fatalities, the Worcester Police Traffic Division increased law enforcement tactics by increasing a plain clothes crosswalk sting operation throughout the city.

What we’d like is a map similar to this great blog post by Jeremy, showing pedestrian accidents (with a different color for a fatality).  And preferably a map that is also color-coded based on whether the pedestrian was in or out of a crosswalk (or did or did not have the right of way).

It’s great to have increased enforcement of motorists who don’t brake for pedestrians.

But we aren’t being told how many pedestrians were involved in accidents in which they (the pedestrians) didn’t have the right of way.

Is the problem that motorists aren’t braking for pedestrians in a crosswalk?  If so, then this kind of enforcement effort is warranted.

Or is it a combination of motorists who aren’t braking for those in crosswalks and –as I suspect — pedestrians who do not always follow traffic rules and — as we all know — some crosswalks that need a good repainting?  We’re not told that in this press release.

If — and this is a big if — a significant portion of pedestrian accidents were at least partly the fault of pedestrians, then we also need to focus on pedestrian education efforts.

Preferably ones that involve haiku:



One thought on “She’s hired

  1. Kate Toomey says:

    I am waiting for an official report back on an order I filed to get the list of pedestrian accidents…

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