Can’t get there from here

This pretty sign recently got damaged by a tall truck:

In addition to making a left, if you want to go to Worcester Center Boulevard, you’ll also need a time machine, because that street no longer exists.

At the moment, most of it is still there physically . . . during a flurry of street name changes that occurred a few years ago, though, the portion that circled the mall garages was renamed “Foster St.”, and the rest became Major Taylor Boulevard .  Online maps now reflect the changes:

I wonder how long we’ll have signs with the old name?  Perhaps the clumsy trucker tried to do us a favor & get the sign replacement done sooner rather than later.

If I were going to seek out a street of the past, I might prefer Blackstone Street, which ran parallel to Summer Street.  Unfortunately, it’s now buried under the kudzu-festooned parking garage of “Medical City“.