Library Board Liveblog

(I’m late) 5:29 – Head Librarian’s report.

something about a Main South library.

Looking at 8 vendors for Automated Materials Handling.

Stairs – architectural services at DPW did the design work.  Will be working on this at some point.

5:33 – Bill C. mentions Robert Wood Johnson foundation will fund any project with a smoking education component.

(FYI – seven board members are now here; Jabian was here earlier and had to leave.  Member-elect Jim Kersten is here as well.)

5:34 – Susan – electronics petting zoo – will be do this often?

Doreen – yes.  Also, people are making appointments for help with downloads, etc.  These will be marketed as well.

Finance Committee – Donna – last month they approved $5000 from Green fund for adult programming, additional $200 for digital display.  For board retreat, $800 maximum approved.

5:39 – Committee on Administration – Terry – met last evening and there is an on-campus position for associate head librarian.  Denise gave the rundown on interview process.  Committee voted to recommend Wei to the board.

Approved by the board.

Friends – Executive board met Nov 15.  Approved $250 for stools for Union Hill School.  Approved titles of e-readers (didn’t establish exact funding for that yet).  Internet book sales – Nov 1-15 $180; book sale on 4/5 – $1676 (low compared to previous years); voted to not have Friends membership night the night before (didn’t work out) going forward. 


bookstore sales – October – $2098.02; Nov 1-15 $1086.33.  (includes coffee)

authorized two banners to advertise cafe and will put out tables and chairs when the banners come in and are hung.  Bookstore also sells packaged cookies now.

5:44 – ways to promote booksales and Friends – even putting ads in the T&G is way too expensive.

Next month, Terry will become a full voting member of the Friends again, and looks forward to working with the Friends liaison from the board.

Julie – Foundation report – outstanding grants review.  Marketing – working on job description for 10 hr/wk for Foundation, partly marketing for foundation/library/friends.

5:53 – report from committee on administration on head librarian’s evaluation – approved.

5:56 – Bill C. – Worcester Women’s History Project event last Tuesday.  Proposes that we get flat-screen TVs [in the Banx Room] for overflow crowds [in the Saxe Room] for these types of events.

Jim recommends that perhaps these events could be streaming and then available on the website.

Joel – if it were on the Viewsonic in the lobby, that might work better, as both conference rooms can sometimes be booked.

6:01 – now they’re nominating officers for the board.  I think the vote is next time.

end of meeting

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