“obviously louder, maybe more middle-class, maybe whiter”

Last night’s meeting was well-covered by the mainstream news media, so I left before it began.

There were lots of great quotes in Lee Hammel’s article this morning (including the one above, which obviously refers to me).

I’d like to comment on a couple of points.


Worcester Housing Authority Executive Director Raymond V. Mariano said the problem of illegal drug activity and people sleeping in WHA Dumpsters actually got worse after the PIP shelter closed Feb. 1.

Good news: we’ve solved homelessness.

Bad news: we’ve got a space problem, so some people will have to live in dumpsters.


Several residents of the triage center at 701 Main St. said they’ve had to take cold showers since they arrived.

Charles Gagnon, SMOC chief operating officer, said not all residents had that problem

…because they hadn’t yet tried to take a shower!



Next meeting: January 4, 7pm, location TBD