Sloppy Seconds for Armandale

(This post is dedicated to Wilkie Collins)

A few months ago the bent & misspelled Times-New-Roman “Armadale” street sign in 01603 vanished.  It’s not clear whether it was the target of random vandalism, or if disgruntled residents of that street finally took it down in disgust after it remained there for several years as a monument to DPW carelessness & disregard.  Perhaps incoming DPW Sign Shop boss Richard Fields quietly yanked it down in utter embarrassment.  Whatever the case may be, Armandale went without a sign at its Main St. terminus for a while this year.  I imagine the residents didn’t mourn its loss.  (Its companion at the Apricot St. terminus remains in place, properly spelled and in a legible sans-serif typeface.)

A few weeks ago the empty post at the Main St. end of Armandale got a “new” sign.

We can see that the DPW has gotten better at proofreading, but still finds the concept of “quality control” elusive.  This sign is mounted off-center even though centering it would have caused no obstruction to anything nearby.  Presumably the blank is a reused one, and they installed it wherever they found an existing hole in the blank, rather than take a moment to drill a new hole.  It also appears to be held on with one bolt, which bodes ill for it remaining in place very long.

Whoever made the new sign has an aversion to rulers, as they didn’t leave themselves enough of the retroreflective green backer to cover the length of the blank.  They “fixed” this by adding a 3/4″ strip on the end — good to see that Worcester’s elementary school arts & crafts classes haven’t been in vain.

While we’re critiquing things, if they were going to leave the “St” the same size as the rest of the name, I think a bit of space away from the final “e” of Armandale would have been more effective than clicking that little “superscript” button, don’t you?