City Council, SMOC portion, liveblog

7:29 – the City Clerk is reading item 10a.  This is to recommend that the triage center be at City Hospital or 701 Main Street.

City Manager – “30+ years of an emergency shelter that became a permanent shelter” — “Those costs both from a human perspective and from a community perspective are great.”

Housing first, rapid rehousing, wraparound services, etc.  You know the drill.

“That former failure of the PIP shelter…ceased in 2009 and began a process of triage and assessment.”

600 people have been placed through that system.

He has a guarantee that SMOC would cease triage at 701 Main Street after 12 months, has a commitment for Good Neighbor Agreement.

He will also plant trees. Because that helps.!/blackjew/status/141676550998343680

He’s talking the same stuff the folks in Main South have likely heard a million times before.  As far as I can tell, the WPD will be at 701 Main Street 24/7.

There is some memo that outlines all this.  There are likely details in that.

7:39 – Haller — talks about an older situation where she asked about why something was being put in D4.

“other neighborhoods are strong enough to apply pressure … to prevent those kinds of programs from happening.  … Very disappointing to me.”

“This is a different day.”  She talks about her many years of experience with PIP.  She is breaking into tears at various points in speaking.

 “We’re a recovering neighborhood, you need to give us a chance to recover.” (quoting from a Jim Connolly?)

“The progress has been slow” around 701 Main Street.

7:43 — “we knew that closing the PIP would not transform that neighborhood…[but it was] required for that transformation to start.”

She is completely convinced that a triage center pretty much anywhere in the city will be a success.  “The triage center is not the problem.”

moving back to Community Healthlink — “smoke and mirrors” — this is just to make it go back to 701 Main Street.

“I’m not worried about the triage center, but I don’t think the neighborhood is ready.”

“We will see.  We have a year.  We will see.”

This is Barbara Haller at her absolute best, folks.

“I’m not going to support this.  I find this incredibly insulting.  And difficult for me in my final weeks on the council.  But I understand.  Because District 4” is the only place for these programs.

She gets applause.

7:48 – voice vote on resolution.  All Yeas except Haller and O’Brien.

Haller notes that community meetings were held for both MLK Center and 1398 Main Street, in this case there were no meetings.  I guess there will be after the fact.

She was shouted down by folks who said there were no real community meetings.

4 thoughts on “City Council, SMOC portion, liveblog

  1. Tracy Novick says:

    Go, Councilor Haller.

  2. Paul collyer says:

    Woo’s true 99% have spoken….now about 20 of us and that number may be high will.get down to the business of getting this done…..900 scream and yell…..20 get to resolve…..

  3. Rory says:

    Fuck Haller

    • Nicole says:

      This is the kind of comment I’m tempted to delete.

      You can disagree with Councilor Haller — and goodness knows I do on all sorts of issues — but I’d prefer the conversation be focused on why you feel so strongly against her viewpoint rather than just defaulting to your visceral reaction.

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