One mile radius

It’s at times (and with controversies) like the SMOC Triage Center that I especially miss Jeff.  He and I would likely have had a different perspective on this issue.  He probably would’ve gotten more pictures of happenings in my own neighborhood than I ever could.

This rant is for you, Jeff…

If you live in the Wild West like me, you’ll likely have gotten a flyer telling you that the proposed triage center (or New PIP, or whatever we’re hyperbolically calling it nowadays) is within a mile of five schools.

Here’s a one-mile radius of the proposed site (via freemaptools):

(At this point, I’m beginning to be concerned that the proposed site is a mile away from the cemetery!!!!)

When you live in the Wild West, the primary modes of communication are flyers and signs posted on the backs of pallets. (Photos to come of both signs and flyer.)

To put things in perspective:

  • Someone was shot, killed, and buried within a mile of my home.  There were no flyers reporting this, none of our “neighborhood activists” demanded community meetings, and no signs posted on the street about a safety risk.
  • SMOC is going to put in a homeless triage center within a mile from my home for one year.  As a result, I’ve gotten a flyer warning me that my children might have to encounter homeless people who smoke (!!!).  Numerous signs proclaim the second coming of the PIP shelter.

In the Wild West’s version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Smoking clearly trumps Gangland Murder!

I’ll be sending my research assistant to tonight’s SMOC meeting at South High School and will post a full report later tonight; I’ll go to City Council tomorrow for the second (third? fourth?) bout.

One thought on “One mile radius

  1. Sean says:


    I seem to remember the same BS when the Youth Center moved, and transitional housing for former addicts opened up at Newton Square.

    No crime wave materialized in my neighborhood because of it, unless the East Side Posse met their girlfriend at the Youth Center and moved in with her.

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