Mysterious Pearson

Go for a drive down Granite St. some day and you may see this lonely street name sign:

Welcome to Pearson Street, 01607.

On first glance, this “street” seems home only to a discarded packet which once embraced some McDonald’s fries. Otherwise it’s woodland. Nor does the sign point to a street on the other side of Granite Street — come do a visual pirouette with me:

The circular driveway located there certainly couldn’t be Pearson St. At first I thought I’d discovered Worcester’s own Brigadoon, where the street and all its denizens vanish every hundred years and are known only to ancient DPW workers who’re AWOL on decades-long coffee breaks.

Unfortunately for Worcester’s hopes of a ready-for-Hollywood plot/location, there’s a real Pearson Street, though it’s actually two streets removed from Granite St.:

C’est la vie. Worcester has more of a Groundhog Day vibe than a Brigadoon one, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Pearson

  1. jmstewart says:

    must be a “paper” street the bane of all paper boys!

  2. says:

    That reminds me…check out Dudley Court (off Jaques Ave) and home to the NEW triage center (starting in 2013 allegedly)…it appears on Mapquest, but not on Google. It is similar to Pearson, but is not in as safe a neighborhood.

  3. Len says:

    If you look at the city tax map – – the street, “on paper” as noted above, does extend to Granite St. I’ve seen other examples of this as well – my favorite – Sala St., off Ararat St. The street has never been put through but was signed for years. Then, the sign fell down. Then, a new heart sign was put up – but only lasted for a few days.

  4. Mike says:

    There are lots of these paper roads around Quinsig Village, and other outlying parts of the city. They were platted during boom eras before the urban growth declined in the mid 20th Century.

    Some of these paper roads are signed; some only exist on the map; some long gone. Mallard Rd (which you recently featured) has some, some with only 1 or 2 houses on them. Quaint!

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