Mysterious Pearson

Go for a drive down Granite St. some day and you may see this lonely street name sign:

Welcome to Pearson Street, 01607.

On first glance, this “street” seems home only to a discarded packet which once embraced some McDonald’s fries. Otherwise it’s woodland. Nor does the sign point to a street on the other side of Granite Street — come do a visual pirouette with me:

The circular driveway located there certainly couldn’t be Pearson St. At first I thought I’d discovered Worcester’s own Brigadoon, where the street and all its denizens vanish every hundred years and are known only to ancient DPW workers who’re AWOL on decades-long coffee breaks.

Unfortunately for Worcester’s hopes of a ready-for-Hollywood plot/location, there’s a real Pearson Street, though it’s actually two streets removed from Granite St.:

C’est la vie. Worcester has more of a Groundhog Day vibe than a Brigadoon one, anyway.