Mandaeans in Worcester

A mention of the Mandaean community in Worcester from the AP (click on the link for a picture of a Lake Quinsigamond baptism):

Residents in Worcester, Mass., also have looked with curiosity as hundreds of recently resettled Iraqi refugees, who practice the pre-Christian Mandaean religion, hold baptisms in Lake Quinsigamond. Mandaeans have seen their population decrease in Iraq from 70,000 in the 1990s to just 3,000 today. In addition, more than 1,000 Iranian Mandaeans have fled to the U.S. after Iran passed laws prohibiting Mandaeans in civil life.

Worcester has the largest population of Mandaeans in the US.  (As far as I can tell, there are about 1,500 Mandaeans in the US, 500 of whom live in Worcester.)

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