Campaign Lit Disasters

Worcester voters (or a small subset thereof) head to the polls today. If they’re anything like me, they’ve gotten some campaign literature in the past few days.

Steve Buchalter’s mailing is, by far, the most professionally designed of the flyers sent this weekend.  However, he continues using creepy pictures of himself (except for the one with his kids, in which he seems less tan).  The message of “cleaning up the mess we call government” is supposed to highlight his business experience in vacuuming and dusting, but he never really tells us what, exactly, the mess is and how he’s going to clean it up:

Bill Eddy gets a lot of endorsements from various community leaders you may have heard of if you live in D5:

And he subsitutes the usual picture of the candidate-with-his-wife-and-children with a picture of himself next to a slide.  It was nice of the campaign staff to capture a picture of the youthful Councilor Eddy sliding Matchbox cars down the slide, but — for future reference — it’s never a good idea to wear white on a playground:

Konnie’s literature was huge — at full 8.5″ x 11″ — and an attempt to be featured on multiple blogs (Photoshop Disasters for the sign on the Mayor’s office; the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks for “All Day”):

Great picture of Konnie on the back, and nothing says “full-time mayors bring attention to detail” like misspelling your own name in big letters (“Kostantina” needs one more n):

My favorite thing about the Joe Petty mailer is that he takes the politician-with-an-elderly-person picture to a whole new level.  Joe doesn’t seem like he has a practical joker side, but witness him giving the lady in the bottom right corner a handshake with a surprise buzzer:

On the other side, Joe says that we’ve made real progress as a city “because we have leaders who put personalities aside.”

Insert Quiet Man joke here.

Get out there and vote, folks.  And remember — if you’re unhappy with your choices, you can do one of two things:

  • Submit a blank ballot.
  • Vote for all the Irish names.

3 thoughts on “Campaign Lit Disasters

  1. TZ says:

    Okay, who the hell proofed Konnies mailer . . . Idiots.

  2. Hannah says:

    I met Julie and Jim at the Ward 10-3 polling place at 7am this morning. They recognized me as WORDSTOPONDER and complimented me on all the things I do! All of us are fans of you, though, Nicole.

    As always, I appreciate your humor.

    I felt kinda uneducated about the candidates. I know both Sarai and Barbara personally (I voted for Sarai) and I know Joe O’Brien and John Trobough. I am Facebook friends with Kate Toomey and Tracy Novick. I prefer “knowing” and meeting a politician/candidate face-to-face (or through the Internet) when I vote for them. I felt more informed about the School Committee forum than I did with the at-large city councilor forum.

  3. Tracy Novick says:

    I also really enjoyed the Petty photo. He’s used it more than once.

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