There was a mayoral debate last night

No, I didn’t go.

But I did read Nick K’s recap in the T&G.

Perhaps there were some serious issues that didn’t make the paper.

But if — as reported — the biggest issues facing the city are whether the mayor is a full- or part-time job and whether the Q can have some political signs on his lawn, then we’ve got a problem.

Konnie acknowledged a while ago that her impression that the mayor’s ceremonial position was a part-time position was proved inaccurate once she was actually in the job.  She tried to downplay the importance of the position in her race against Joe O’Brien, and from that learned that saying “this job is nothing” isn’t really a good way to win an election.

So the new tack is to emphasize how important it is to be in Worcester at all times.  Because one never knows when there will be an emergency ribbon-cutting.

I find all of that rather boring and, frankly, rather lazy on the part of those asking the candidates questions.

Doesn’t anyone have real issues to discuss?

Like political signs!  To wit:

The candidates also did not see eye-to-eye on an ordinance that restricts the number and size of political signs that homeowners can put on their property.

Mr. Coleman, Ms. Carmona and Mr. Petty said they do not support such restrictions, saying it is a freedom of speech issue.

One can only wonder why Mr. Petty voted for the ordinance if it restricts freedom of speech.

Doesn’t anyone have any real issues to discuss?

Like the superintendent!

All four candidates said they approve of the job Ms. Boone is doing.

Well, glad we resolved that!

Doesn’t anyone have any real ideas?

Well, Bill Coleman feels the mayor should “lead the effort to create a better environment for businesses in Worcester, as well as reduce, if not totally eliminate, the dropout rate in our public schools.”

Which is all well and good, but how is one creating a better environment for businesses while advocating for the lowest residential tax rate?

And could we get any details on how exactly one eliminates the school dropout rate?

Carmen Carmona feels that “before the city focuses on further economic development initiatives, it needs to clean up Main Street, ridding it of trash, drug dealers and prostitution.”

We are in the middle of multiple economic development initiatives that will be ongoing, multi-year projects.  Good luck stopping that train [no pun intended].  And if you know how to rid a place of trash, drug dealers, and prostitution, I believe you could write your ticket to be the city manager in any major metropolitan area in the world.

So we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In Worcester, that particular phrase translates roughly into “between candidates who can actually win but who are uninspiring in the extreme and candidates with a snowball’s chance in hell whose ideas would only work on a ridiculous nighttime soap opera starring Joan Collins.”

We live in a city where BIZARROLUKES is the only candidate to get behind:!/BIZARROLUKES/status/126794252746375168

(screen captures via kwout)

I haven’t been writing about the campaign much because there’s really nothing to write about.

I attended Occupy Worcester on Tuesday.  My dislike (or, rather, lack of understanding and sympathy) for OW has been well-documented, and I don’t need to go into depth on that subject again.!/niccommawoo/status/122351081303977984

OW is absurd, but perhaps no more absurd than a debate in which the four candidates for the office of mayor discuss whether the mayor needs to be on call 24/7/365 to hand out keys to the city and how soon it will be before we tell the superintendent (again) — “Boonie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

From what I’ve heard, Jim Polito and Jordan Levy have devoted hours upon hours of airtime to OW, going on and on about how much they’re disappointed that (more) citizens aren’t complaining to their elected officials about the free ride those neo-hippie OWers are getting on state-owned land.

We live in a city in which our candidates say that items they’ve voted in favor of violate the First Amendment, and where the biggest item for discussion on talk radio is whether some campers can use the bathroom.

And we wonder why no one votes.!/niccommawoo/status/124298614410461184

I’m not fluent in occupy-ese, but if I may make a point of clarification, there are two issues facing Worcester that we can no longer ignore.

1. If Joe Petty were mayor, could he really make it back to Worcester in 45 mintues (!) as he claims?

2. Why couldn’t Occupy Worcester make their street sign MUTCD-compliant:

(picture via @SustanablShreen)