Library Board Liveblog

5:13 – reviewing the minutes from the last meeting.

Mark’s review processs will begin at the next (November) meeting.

Library closed December 24 and 31 – board will vote on later.

Two new board members in December.  Tell your friends that there will be openings!

Next month’s meeting will be at GBV branch.

5:17 – library closing on 24th and 31st — voted on. 

Question about how the holiday works.  The staff would work M-F versus working on Saturday.

This Sunday is the first open Sunday.

5:19 — Head Librarian’s report — I have a copy and will type it up in my spare time.

after school programs on Fridays for kids, Zumba for teens on Saturday mornings.

Lots of reference events as well.

e-book reader pilot program is ready to launch.  Ping from reference department will be presenting at Worcester Tech on e-readers (think this is MLTA).

Mark is going to be on the Worcester Cultural Coalition board of directors and the literacy board of directors.

Anne Hrobsky has the shelving committee up and running — check out 850,000 items and need to look at speed of getting them back on shelves.

Anne White’s Welcoming & Safe Environment committee will begin soon.

Small solar project will happen soon.

Manager will be meeting his board meeting to the Green Room in November.

Talking Book initiative — understanding with Perkins on marketing and outreach.  They’ve sent a 14-point plan.

Cafe tables in the lobby soon.

City Manager wants to meet Julie from Foundation.

Mark went to speak at Fallon and, according to Julie, they said they could have listened to him forever.

5:34 – Donna – Finance – got an email from the city treasurer about putting interest in accounts quarterly.  They also asked if (for other accounts) wanted interest into regular trust fund budget.  But are only able to vote on those annually, so it’s a moot point.

$1500 from Saxe Fund for Smithsonian; $60,000 from Green for Foundation support.

[sorry — didn’t catch all of that]

5:36 – Terry – Report of the Friends – Janet mentioned that 5 candidates were interviewed for newsletter writer and there are two finalists.  Annual booksale is November 4/5.  Internet booksales have been going very well.  Bookstore in June – $2,283.69; July – $2,930.11; August  $2,622.66; coffee sales are ranging about $12/day.  Coffee machine was broken for a little bit.

Table and chairs are being purchased for the library.  They will be out shortly.

Next Sunday is Sundae Sunday and also celebrating birth of the new facility here (9 years, 51 weeks).  Having a birthday cake made by students at Worcester Tech.  In Children’s Room they are having a balloon sculptor.  Chet Williamson will perform from 3-4pm.  At 2:30, Ben Franklin Bookstore will be recognized for their awesomeness.

$385 for those events, but does not include balloon sculptor.

[Oh, my word.  Balloon animals!]

Terry thanks Dee for the work on the program for next Sunday.

Mark mentions that Joel and Herman helped with shelving for Union Hill.  “You know how Joel works…”

5:43 – Susan and Leslie and Julie – Foundation update.  Susan introduces Leslie Fish, new foundation board president.  Feels investment the library board has made in the foundation is money well spent. 

Susan: “I will miss Bob; I tried to sell him a house on my street.  But I really think Leslie will do a wonderful job.”

Leslie – Weren’t too many empty seats at the Celebration to Authors.

discussion of various committees of the board and grant applications.

There was some legal work regarding IRS categorizations for the foundation.

Julie thanks the staff for all their help for the event.  Joel is, predictably, awesome.

Authors said they had a good time.

New Business

5:56 – Phyllis shares that the weekend of October 1 she went to Austin – attended Austin Teen Book Festival.  Sponsored by Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.  They’ve merged the Friends and Foundation there and provided brochures.  [I am more of a “Friends” person.  It’s a scrappier idea.]

Bill C. – suggested that they get people around the city reading a book, take picture, post around the library.  (like this, but Worcester)

Mark will look into this again.

Jyoti – what does the city offer in terms of awareness for parents and teachers for those children who struggle to learn to read?  Anne responds that they put computer kiosks in Parents building and building for ESL, and trained the staff.  TumbleBook library and Tumble Readables are also available.  They’ve sent this info to schools, who are working hard to connect them with us.  May be hiring a school reading specialist for Union Hill and Chandler (?)

Jyoti asks because the research in the past 5-10 years on brain development…much more knowledge now that educators have.

Bill — editorial in T&G about Latino education gap.  Black Legacy and conference on school to prison pipeline.  encourages board to read about this.

Kevin Dowd – what do we do to promote literacy for citizenship?  Post info about voting and candidates?  Mark notes that they recently hosted a school committee debate here.