Urban Poultry: The Hearing

I think I’ve made it somewhat clear that I don’t really care about chickens (that is, I don’t care if they exist in the city, but birds are one of my many phobias, so I just don’t want them approaching me on the street).

However, if you care one way or the other, there will be a hearing on Tuesday, October 11 at 5pm for the Public Health subcommittee to discuss urban chickens.

(Normally, I would love to liveblog this, but it conflicts with the library board, so if you go and would like to share your notes with the readership, let me know.)

There are certain items that I’d like to see addressed in an ordinance. 

Number one among those are roosters.  Presumably roosters would not be allowed under this ordinance.  Do we have the animal control officers to address any complaints about roosters?  Where would confiscated roosters go?  Do we have the animal rescue resources in place that could help re-home roosters?

The second would be disease and care of animals.  I know the one of the benefits of chickens is that they eat ticks (which is a major plus in my book), but the downside is that they can have diseases that most of us aren’t familiar with.  Do we have the vet resources that could assist with any potential chicken issues?  Do we have a support structure (formal or informal) for folks who’d like to raise chickens?

I’m sympathetic to those who are trying to regularize chicken ownership in Worcester.  (I say “regularize” because there are folks who are currently keeping chickens legally, and others who are not able to do the same.)  They’ve first got to make it through two hurdles: Phil “Ponytail” Palmieri and Konnie “The Look” Lukes.  Councilor Haller — the third member of the Public Health Subcommittee — is very supportive of their efforts.

Good luck, folks.

Just remember — if Konnie gives you that look, you can ask her what smells so bad.  Because it ain’t your chickens.

(Image: urban chickens, a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic licensed image from fantail media’s photostream.)