Heartless signage

If there were room for this sign below the 2nd floor window instead of above it, I think this sign would be more useful/effective.


2 thoughts on “Heartless signage

  1. Tracy says:

    I do like the signs in the buildings. Also, only realized this summer that parts of Boston have the street name in the sidewalk at corners.

  2. Len says:

    And on the Franklin St. side of this same building is a similar sign that says “Park St.”. This was the name of that part of Franklin St. for a long time – until maybe the 1920’s or so (not sure exactly when it changed). The parts of current Park Ave. that existed back then were called Newton St. Park St. went from Main St. to Trumbull Sq. (which is sort of lost now as well as it is no longer signed – but is the intersection of Green St., Franklin St., Foster St. (formerly Worcester Center Blvd.) and Francis McGrath Blvd. (formerly New Salem St.) – lot’s of “formers” in there.) and was Bloomingdale Rd. out to Brown Sq./Plantation St. I recently saw a “street necrology” for New York City – streets that once existed but have disappeared due to redevelopment, name changes, etc. This would be an interesting list to develop for Worcester as off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen or so streets – back with old pre Worcester Center downtown, where the Expressway/190 went through, etc. – that are no longer there – streets like Church St., Cherry St., Orange St., Cypress St., Market St., Ledge St., Bangs Ct., Heardsleigh St., Hanover St., Belknap St., Hull Pl. Widerberg Ter., North Foster St., Blackstone St., Howard St., Charles St., Quist St. – Ballard St. and Central St. being two recent examples – bet there are lots more.

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