Driving the ALB out of Worcester

Someone needs to tell this person that we’re supposed to keep Worcester’s firewood in Worcester.  It oughtn’t be travelling the region as a replacement bumper.

If he/she were truly as “bad ass” as they claim to be, they’d have bolted a steel girder back there instead of a log.  Worcester’s got a lot of spare girders piling up on Worcester Center Boulevard, and they’re ALB-proof.

There are folks with day-glo vests and binoculars tree-gazing on Rattlesnake Hill today.  If they find any Asian Longhorned Beetles, I’m blaming the jamoke in the log-mobile.

2 thoughts on “Driving the ALB out of Worcester

  1. Do you think that thing will make it past the city limits?

  2. Joe says:

    Maybe it’s Oak or Pine.

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