Driving the ALB out of Worcester

Someone needs to tell this person that we’re supposed to keep Worcester’s firewood in Worcester.  It oughtn’t be travelling the region as a replacement bumper.

If he/she were truly as “bad ass” as they claim to be, they’d have bolted a steel girder back there instead of a log.  Worcester’s got a lot of spare girders piling up on Worcester Center Boulevard, and they’re ALB-proof.

There are folks with day-glo vests and binoculars tree-gazing on Rattlesnake Hill today.  If they find any Asian Longhorned Beetles, I’m blaming the jamoke in the log-mobile.

CWW: 24 Hour Comics Day at Worcester Art Museum

Artists are invited to join a 24-hour Comics Day marathon Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Worcester Art Museum to create their own graphic novels.
Starting at 9 a.m., artists of all ages can gather in WAM’s classroom studios in the Higgins Education Wing and for the fourth consecutive year race against time and fatigue to create a 24-page comic before 9 a.m. Sunday morning.
The museum will supply all the coffee artists need to keep their creative juices flowing.
Youth under 18 years old are welcome at no cost to participate in the 3-hour and 8-hour challenges.  All challenges begin at 9:00 a.m.  The coffee and food fee for adults is $5.  Results will be on display in the Education Wing through October 29.
More info here; registration (REQUIRED) here.