Germain could spice up MY LIFE

Yesterday’s Nick K. column was called “Germain could spice up race“, but everyone knows that if Germain decided to run for mayor, the primary reason would be to give me multiple post ideas in the coming months.

I’ve edited the following quote to show the hidden subtext in his hints about running for mayor:

“My base is very solid with the unions, the municipal retirees,  and the elderly, and one obsessive blogger and I know I could count on them if I decided to run for mayor,” Mr. Germain said. “I am confident they would put a lot of people women on the ground for my campaign.   And write a lot of posts about how dreamy I am.”

Please run, Mike.  I’m running out of things my husband can tease me about.

In other articles you should be reading…

Jeremy & Brittany wrote an excellent article on red light cameras and other (better) ways to improve traffic flow and safety.  I am also a huge fan of the Public Works column.

Both Jeremy and Nick also had excellent columns on takeaways from the preliminary election.

One thought on “Germain could spice up MY LIFE

  1. Sprout says:

    “Multiple post ideas”….uh hmmmm….

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