Dressing the Dead

Regular readers of this blog know my personal (and official) concern for The Dead.  To that end…

Graham, Putnam, and Mahoney Funeral Parlor is seeking nice men’s suits and ladies’ dresses in which to dress less fortunate clients for their wakes and funerals.

This funeral home takes care of the funeral arrangements for many homeless and indigent folks.  They want to ensure that all of their clients have the opportunity to be buried in decent clothes.

Please contact Graham, Putnam, and Mahoney Funeral Parlor at 508-754-1717 if you have items of clothing you think would be suitable (or to ask what they might need in particular).  They’re located at 838 Main Street, near the intersection of May Street.

Please keep this in mind the next time you’re cleaning your closet or organizing a yard sale or swap, and please pass this information along to your friends & family.

I know that some of you (well, perhaps just one) are interested in reading more about the funeral ‘industry’ and modern burial practices.  I try to read as much as I can about both the rural cemetery movement in particular and funerals and cemeteries in general.

I recently acquired a copy of Grave Matters by Mark Harris; it’s a good (‘though obviously biased towards ‘green’ burial practices) overview of modern funeral options.

Curtains: Adventures of an Undertaker-in-training by Tom Jokinen was an interesting look from the (somewhat) inside of a modern, small family-owned funeral home.  Much more biased towards ‘traditional’ (or, at least, common practice for the last 50-100 years) forms of funeral practice.  Highly recommended.

My notes from the last Hope Cemetery Commission meeting will be posted soon.

Germain could spice up MY LIFE

Yesterday’s Nick K. column was called “Germain could spice up race“, but everyone knows that if Germain decided to run for mayor, the primary reason would be to give me multiple post ideas in the coming months.

I’ve edited the following quote to show the hidden subtext in his hints about running for mayor:

“My base is very solid with the unions, the municipal retirees,  and the elderly, and one obsessive blogger and I know I could count on them if I decided to run for mayor,” Mr. Germain said. “I am confident they would put a lot of people women on the ground for my campaign.   And write a lot of posts about how dreamy I am.”

Please run, Mike.  I’m running out of things my husband can tease me about.

In other articles you should be reading…

Jeremy & Brittany wrote an excellent article on red light cameras and other (better) ways to improve traffic flow and safety.  I am also a huge fan of the Public Works column.

Both Jeremy and Nick also had excellent columns on takeaways from the preliminary election.