Someone couldn’t wait for an official signage upgrade from the campaign:

Question: how long before Konnie uses the tagline “Not Your Average Joe”?

Bets are being taken!

Every once in a while I try to listen to Jordan Levy (out a sense that I should make some sort of penance for prior misdeeds; I don’t own a hairshirt, so JL is the next best punishment).

Yesterday around 5:30,  Joe Petty called into Jordan.

He was talking about how he’d served on the council for 14 years and how the last three years in particular have been great and that the Council has accomplished quite a lot in those three years.

That prompted a couple thoughts on my part:

  • A year and a half of those years were technically Konnie years, right?
  • This man has been on the Council for 14 years and I have no idea what he stands for or what distinguishes him from anyone else.

It also prompted my car to sputter in disgust and break down a couple of miles later.  (Really.  You can’t make this up, folks.)

One thing I thought was interesting about the short chat was that Petty touted his good relationship with the city manager.

I wonder how much of this campaign could turn into a referendum of the city manager.  Konnie has certainly been more critical of the manager (though she gave him very high marks on this year’s review).  Would that adversarial (comparatively speaking, of course) relationship help or hurt her?

While the manager has certainly been able to pull some rabbits out of his budgetary hat in the past, it’s unclear how much of that is dependent on his relationship with the mayor.  Or — more importantly — whether there are any rabbits left to be pulled.

3 thoughts on “DIY – OMG

  1. Tracy Novick says:

    I saw a similar sign outside of First Cong with the big blue “Mayor” stapled on.

  2. Tim Hart says:

    Honestly, I would be impressed if Petty asked all of his supporters to make their own Mayor signs rather than wasting money on making new signs. I have always thought that if politicians really cared about the community they would take the money they would have used to make signs and donate it to local charities.

  3. Yes, what has he done in 14 years and what does he stand for.
    He ran 14 years ago on lowest res property tax and my bill has more than tripled since then.

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