Sign Shop Manager featured in On the Job column

There was an interview with Richard Fields of the city sign shop in today’s Telegram.

Many thanks to Nick K. for the following question:

There seem to be different style street-name signs throughout the city; are there any plans to have a more uniform design and style for those signs?

“Yes, we are going to have a standard sign. We are trying to put in one standard with the correct font, a font that’s easy to read with a standard height, a standard blade size and everything will be reflective.”

Also, many thanks to Mr. Fields for not answering “Is there anything about your job you’re not crazy about?” with “Obsessive bloggers.”

Seriously.  Call me.


5 thoughts on “Sign Shop Manager featured in On the Job column

  1. Joe says:

    He hasn’t even been in charge for a year- it looks like he’s inherited the problem.

    • Nicole says:

      I’m not blaming him. He really should call me. It’ll be like group therapy.

      • Angela says:

        I’m ready to join the group therapy. Here’s another beauty, ST Mark St., with an upper case T in Saint. Chaos – that’s what he’s inherited.

      • Joe says:

        Didn’t mean to imply you were blaming him. I was just surprised that the person in charge has changed relatively recently.

        BTW (and I apologize if you’ve touched on Clearview in the past) it seems that if there is a font that has been created based on some analyzation and study, has been around for nearly a decade now, and is endorsed by the feds, maybe we should be standardizing in that…

        • Nicole says:

          We did mention this article before in the comments a long time ago.

          Here is a fuller response from my research assistant (edited to remove his more hostile comments; he is understandably upset that the Sign Shop continues to put out substandard signs):

          ClearviewHwy 1-W or 2-W can be used for streetname signs if the DPW actually knew what they were doing. Here are some instructions on how to use:

          Note the sane treatment of descenders.

          1-W would be fine for longer names, 2-W better for others. Either would be better than anything Worcester is doing.

          Clearview is expensive, and there are comparable/better alternatives out there that Worcester is too stupid to look for and too cheap to pay for. Worcester is confining itself to whatever fonts come with MS Windows, and by God they’re going to try them all. If it’s good enough for Bill Gates, let’s put it on our signage. The only one they haven’t tried yet is Comic Sans. I think they’re saving that one for the new CitySquare streets.

          Clearview can also be misused by stupid people — Bedford, NH is a good example of this. Worcester would absolutely, undoubtedly screw up Clearview.

          Worcester needs employees with typography skills and signage backgrounds.

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