Fame, ain’t it a bitch

(Regrets to A. J. Benza)

Last week, I published a blind item post on wrcstr.

Blind items are not my favorite form of journalism, but they are an especially useful form in this age of internet searches and ubiquitous Googleability.

Some readers wanted to understand the motivations behind a particular blind item and seemed especially intent on confirming the identity of someone mentioned in that item.

It seems to me to defeat the purpose (and all-important lack of internet search capability) to confirm or deny an identity of the subject of a blind item.

Candidates for office cannot choose their supporters any more than I can choose readers.  They can, however, choose who to associate with publicly, who to speak in favor of or against in a public meeting, and which issues to take on as their own.

I am, of course, terribly flattered that the supporters of a certain candidate think I should have more journalistic integrity and impartiality than either the local daily or weekly

I will try my best to disappoint them.