Mayor’s Walk at God’s Acre on Monday

The rumor mill told me that there will likely be a Mayor’s Walk at God’s Acre next Monday, August 29, at 6:00pm.  I’ll post more details on the time and location as I hear them.

As per usual, here’s been some dumping (a couch, about 10 bags’ worth of trash, a Little Tikes tugboat sandbox that I’ll likely drag to my front yard and put a “Free” sign on, etc.).

The question — which I suspect is the question all folks in this position have — is whether or not to leave the trash as is.  Seeing a quite pretty wooded area with large items dumped intermittently throughout certainly makes a statement.

On the other hand, I was already planning on spending some this week’s free time collecting the trash for DPW to pick up.  If I hadn’t heard about the Mayor’s Walk, I’d have been spending a few hours with my wheelbarrow doing what I usually do.

The compromise I’ll likely make with myself is to do some tidying up, but to take plenty of “before” pictures so that those who only see the “after” can fully appreciate the work it takes to keep God’s Acre looking the way it does.

One thought on “Mayor’s Walk at God’s Acre on Monday

  1. Sprout says:

    I vote for leaving it in one great big heap for the mayoral walkers to see. Bring your photos from your most recent clean up.

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